Palestinian cleric Abdallah Ayed addressing worshipers in the al Aqsa mosque. (Video screenshot)

The Muslim call to prayer will be heard from atop the White House and the Kremlin, thundered a Palestinian cleric in an address to worshippers at Jerusalem’s al Aqsa mosque last week.

“We shall shout Allahu Akbar (God is Great in Arabic) from there,” the cleric, Abdallah Ayed, assured his audience. “Allah has promised both places to us!”

A video clip of his sermon was translated from the Arabic by MEMRI. Ayed, dressed in the traditional long white “thobe”, or robe worn by Muslim men, and waving his arms emphatically, continued with a prayer to Allah to enable Islamic extremists to vanquish both America and Russia.

Referring to the long-standing Islamic dream of conquering the entire globe, Ayed reminded worshippers, “Allah promised the Prophet Mohammed that Islam would rule the entire land.”

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His words are reminiscent of videos and pamphlets put out by the Islamic State, which has threatened it will attack the Vatican, Washington DC, and other major Western centers in order to bring about its dream of a world-wide Islamic caliphate.

Ayed prayed for more international terror against Americans. “Oh Allah, blow up their capital cities and their planes,” he begged. “Pulverize their ships, and kill their soldiers.”

The preacher continued, “Oh Allah, we ask you to subjugate them and burn them… Burn all that they have with your fire.”

While he did not issue any direct calls for Palestinians to carry out violent actions, he added a prayer that Allah should “make our mujahideen (jihadists) powerful” and “unite them” under the banner of Mohammed.

The “sermon” also comes as Israel sees a new wave of terror following an abatement in attacks in the past months.

Palestinian leaders have been condemned by Israel and internationally for their deliberate incitement to terror and violence against Jews and “infidels”.

The video can be seen in full here.

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