Al Qaeda: No difference between Biden, Trump on Islam

According to Al Qaeda’s Al-Khalusa magazine, as far as the United States’ relationship with the Muslim world is concerned, a Biden administration will differ from the Trump administration in tone only, not in substance.

An article in the magazine’s Nov. 15 issue claims that the conflict between the United States and Islam is being directed by the “Zionist-Crusader alliance through their agents among Arab leaders and the Shi’ites, who are the donkeys of the Christians,” according to a report shared exclusively with JNS by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The article goes on to state that U.S. Middle East policy is clear “for those who understand the real nature of the conflict,” and notes that no U.S. president will condemn Israel and side with the Palestinians.

“U.S. discourse and the political narrative cannot change,” it states, going on to note that Trump has “boasted about his Zionism and enmity towards Muslims.”

“Any difference in the formula after any U.S. election,” the article states, can be understood as “propaganda” that only “flirts” with the possibility of change.

The article accused the United States of “seeking to distort Muslim ideology, particularly in schools, by adapting textbooks to suit U.S. policy, thus implementing them softly, smartly using tools within Muslims communities in a way that will not cause resentment or backlash.”


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