Air France Flight Attendants Refuse to Wear Headscarfs in Iran


With many refusing to adhere to the mandatory Iranian dress code, Air France is allowing female flight attendants to decline working new Paris-Tehran route.

Air France decided on Monday to allow female flight attendants to refuse to work the company’s new route to Iran, for which they must wear a headscarf.

The French national carrier’s management met with unions worried that female cabin crew could be disciplined if they declined to work the flight.

The company will introduce an exception so that employees who don’t want to work on the Paris-Tehran route will be reassigned on other destinations with no repercussions.

Air France plans to start three flights weekly between Paris and Tehran beginning April 17.

A note sent to female cabin crew employees requires them to wear a headscarf on their arrival in Tehran. They must also wear the uniform’s long-sleeved jacket and trousers, rather than a knee-length dress.

By: AP

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