‘After the terrorists came the riff-raff’

‘After the terrorists came the riff-raff’

Soldiers find piles of items Gazans stole from western Negev communities.

Israeli soldiers continue to discover enormous piles of household and personal items that Hamas terrorists looted on Oct. 7 from homes they attacked, then ransacked, in the western Negev.

Found in open areas between the Israeli communities and the Gaza border were suitcases stuffed with stolen clothing, agricultural equipment, toys, eyeglasses, electrical equipment, even wall posters.

Piles of stolen goods were also found in large garbage dumpsters, which would have been towed by tractors or bulldozers.

“The thing that broke me most was to see who came after the terrorists,” said Adele Raemer, a resident of Kibbutz Nirim who spent hours hiding in a safe room during the rampage.

Items stolen from southern Israel and found by soldiers near the Gaza border on Nov. 1, 2023. Credit: TPS.

“After the terrorists came the riff-raff. Gazans of all ages, all sizes and shapes, and they came into our community and rampaged, destroyed and stole everything they could. They just took stuff. If they wanted something, they stole it, just out of meanness, out of hate and evil,” she said.

“All along, I was telling people I truly believed that most Gazans are good, most Gazans just want the same things we do, to put food on the table, have good health and clothing for their children,” Raemer said. “After I saw what happened on Oct. 7—aside from the Hamas terrorists—all the looters that came in and rampaged through the kibbutz, I’m not so sure anymore. Where were all the good Gazans on Oct. 7?”

Video footage of the Oct. 7 attacks circulating on social media shows Palestinian civilians and children accompanying the terrorists and stealing items such as television sets and bicycles.

Some of the videos were Israeli security footage; others were filmed by the terrorists, who wore GoPro body cameras to capture them murdering men, women and children.

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