Kingsborough Community College Prof. Michael Goldstein

A Jewish professor is suffering intense abuse by a radical-left group of faculty members at CUNY’s Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, which he says is enabled by the administration’s inaction. Others on staff are also targeted. This cannot continue!

By United with Israel Staff

Michael Goldstein, an administrator and an adjunct professor of communications and government relations at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn – a part of City University of New York (CUNY) – is the victim of what he describes as “a systematic and pernicious campaign in which I have been targeted and harassed because of who I am and what I believe.”

Goldstein is Jewish, politically conservative and “believes in Zionism, the civil rights movement of the Jewish people.”

The vicious attacks against the professor, led by the radical Progressive Faculty Caucus (PFC), an unsanctioned group of faculty members, went as far as to threaten his family. In an incident last May, they papered the campus with 1,000 flyers, sharing posts from his private Facebook page, including a photo of his 13-year-old daughter. They likely got hold of the material from students who are also Facebook “friends,” he surmises.

“They’ve stripped me of my humanity this year. They destroyed me. I’m half the man that I was. I have sleepless nights. Every student I look at, I think they’re going to attack me. I don’t even leave my office. They’ve isolated me. I have to walk around campus with a public safety officer. I’ve gained 50 pounds. I used to wear a suit and tie every day, but now I just don’t have what it takes anymore,” he said in an interview with World Israel News.

“They’ve legitimized anti-Semitism,” he explained. “If I was black, gay, Muslim, Latino or disabled, the university would have come to my rescue. It’s they who have attacked me, but it’s the university that enables them and emboldens them by their inaction.”

PFC’s “activities are not only directed towards me,” Goldstein notes. “Over the past year alone, at least five complaints by Jewish staff members have been filed against them internally with CUNY.”

We must now allow this to continue. Contact the administration today!

Email the following administrators to demand that they take immediate action: 
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President Claudia Schrader at Kingsborough Community College:

CUNY Interim Chancellor Vita C. Rabinowitz:

CUNY Deputy General Counsel Jane Sovern: ​

Source: United with Israel