ACT NOW! Protest to BBC Over its Biased Reporting on Israel

Palestinian terror attack

In what can be considered blatant anti-Israel bias, the BBC failed to uphold journalistic standards in its reporting on a terror attack last week. Demand that BBC report the facts accurately!

Act Now for Israel

Two Israelis, Nechemiah Lavi, a father of seven, and Aaron Benita, a father of two, were attacked and murdered by Palestinian terrorist Muhannad Halabi on Saturday night in Jerusalem’s Old City. Halabi also attacked and wounded Benita’s wife and baby. He was subsequently killed by Israeli security forces in a shootout.

This was a clear-cut terror attack. However, the BBC failed to report it as such. So how did the BBC report this terror attack? It completely blurred the facts in the headline so that the reader could not differentiate between the terrorist and the victim.

As BBC Watch points out, “the headline to the article… is not only a prime example of the ‘last-first reporting’ regularly employed by the BBC, but of course fails to clarify to audiences that the dead Palestinian was the terrorist who killed two people.”

Here is a screenshot of the original, outrageous headline the BBC published:

outrageous bbc headline



After the BBC received complaints over its completely misleading headline, it changed it a number of times further, each time with another attempt to avoid reporting the direct truth. Finally, the BBC got it right, but has refused to issue an apology.

The BBC must be made to understand it cannot get away with its anti-Israel bias! 

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