ACT NOW! Insist that YouTube Remove Videos Encouraging Incitement Against Jews

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Incitement to violence against Jews is widely prevalent on social media and YouTube is no exception. Online incitement leads terrorists to commit acts of terrorism! YouTube must be held to task for allowing the spread of hate videos on its site. This must end. Ask YouTube to remove the offending videos immediately!


For years, those who aim to incite to violence have worked to spread their messages of hate online. Today, YouTube is full of videos encouraging people to carry out acts of terror against Jews. This must stop!

Today, anyone, anywhere can flag a video and ask YouTube to remove it. Please take the time to review the following video and ask YouTube to remove it. Instructions on how to do so can be found below.

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Ask YouTube to remove the video!

Here’s how:

1) Click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the video.

2) Once on Youtube (need to be connected to a Google/Youtube account), click on “more” (or flag) under the video/title.

3) Click on “Report.”

4) Choose “Violent or repulsive content.”

5) Choose “Promotes terrorism.”

6) Click “Submit.”

Our achievements prove online activism works!

In another, separate effort, United with Israel supporters succeeded in getting Facebook to remove a video that encouraged the murder of Jews. This is proof that our efforts work. Help us continue making a difference and join us in our effort to remove videos that incite to violence from popular social media websites.

More videos to flag

Here are other videos you can watch to understand the level of anti-Semitic incitement that exists on YouTube. Please click on each one and ask YouTube to remove these as well:

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