ACT NOW! Demand The Lancet Retract Its False Claims About Gaza

ACT NOW! Demand The Lancet Retract Its False Claims About Gaza
Fake News

In a recent and troubling development, The Lancet, has published grossly exaggerated claims about the death toll in Gaza.

This misinformation not only fuels anti-Israel sentiment but also spreads false narratives that harm the credibility of media and scientific publications.

It’s time to take action and demand that The Lancet retract these misleading statements immediately.

The Lancet published a letter asserting that the death toll in Gaza might be as high as 186,000, a figure significantly higher than even Hamas’s own estimates.

This figure, widely circulated on social media, has been endorsed by anti-Israel voices, including United Nations Rapporteur Francesca Albanese.

The authors of the letter, Rasha Khatib, Martin McKee, and Salim Yusuf, argue that “indirect deaths” should be considered, inflating the casualty numbers without credible evidence.

Honest Reporting, a watchdog organization, has debunked these claims, revealing that the numbers are speculative and not based on verified data.

They emphasize that “indirect deaths” relate to conditions caused by the conflict rather than direct actions by Israel.

The letter’s authors later claimed the figures were “purely illustrative,” but the damage was already done as the information continued to spread unchecked.

This is not the first time a prestigious publication has been caught spreading falsehoods.

The New York Times previously had to retract a claim comparing Israel’s actions in Gaza to the war in Ukraine, showing a pattern of media bias and misinformation against Israel.

Such incidents highlight how fake news can spread, especially when backed by seemingly reputable sources.

The Lancet’s publication of these false figures is not just an error; it is a dangerous act of misinformation.

By presenting speculative numbers as facts, they give a veneer of legitimacy to anti-Israel propaganda.

We must act now and demand that The Lancet retracts these false claims and issues a public apology.

Contact The Lancet and express your demand for retraction. Let’s ensure that accurate and honest reporting prevails.

Email CNN at

Sample email

Subject: Urgent: Retraction of False Claims in Recent Gaza Article



I am writing to urge The Lancet to retract the recent letter falsely claiming that the Gaza death toll is as high as 186,000. This misinformation damages your journal’s credibility and fuels anti-Israel propaganda.


An immediate retraction and public apology are necessary to correct this serious error and uphold journalistic integrity.


[Your Name]

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