ACT NOW: Demand Harvard Protect Jewish Students and Combat Antisemitism on Campus

ACT NOW: Demand Harvard Protect Jewish Students and Combat Antisemitism on Campus
Harvard antisemtism

Since the October 7th Hamas attack, incidents of antisemitism have surged, creating an atmosphere of fear and hostility for Jewish students on college campuses.

Harvard University, despite its esteemed reputation, has not been immune to this troubling trend.

Recent events on campus have underscored the urgent need for action to protect Jewish students from discrimination and harassment.

From the glorification of convicted Palestinian terrorists to the defacement of posters depicting Israeli hostages, and even physical assaults targeting Jewish students, antisemitic acts have tainted the campus environment at Harvard.

The involvement of students and faculty members in promoting hateful ideologies further exacerbates the gravity of the situation.

Harvard must prioritize the safety and well-being of its Jewish students by implementing robust measures to combat antisemitism on campus.

Strengthening campus security, providing resources for reporting incidents of antisemitism, and enforcing disciplinary actions against individuals who engage in hateful behavior are essential steps that the university must take.

It is imperative for Harvard to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to combating antisemitism and fostering a campus environment where all students feel safe and valued.

Additionally, the university must invest in education and awareness initiatives to promote understanding and respect among its diverse student body. By fostering a culture of tolerance and inclusivity, Harvard can work towards creating a campus where all students, regardless of their background, can thrive.

We must voice our concerns and demand accountability from Harvard University.

We urge you to email Harvard administrators and express our our unified demand that they take proactive steps to protect Jewish students and uphold the values of diversity and inclusion on campus.



Subject: Protect Jewish Students from Antisemitism

Dear Harvard Student Affairs,


As concerned members of the community, we urge you to take immediate action to combat antisemitism on campus and ensure the safety of Jewish students.


Strengthening security measures and enforcing disciplinary actions are critical steps. Please prioritize this urgent issue.




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