While Facebook has apparently committed to fighting online incitement, its so-called ‘Community Standards’ are ambiguous and do not prevent those who want to spread hate or incite to terror from doing so. Insist that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook work harder to block incitement and hate!


Facebook executives recently made a special trip to Israel during which they met with Israeli lawmakers to discuss a joint effort to fight online incitement and anti-Semitism.

But we are skeptical that real change can take place unless Facebook makes real changes to its operating procedures.

Just this week, United with Israel was attacked by a vicious anti-Semite only to be told that his post could not be removed since it did not violate Facebook’s community standards.

This is not the first time Facebook used its “community standards” as an excuse for inaction and possible anti-Israel bias.

In June, Facebook was forced to restore a posting it had removed from a pro-Israel page, after a social-media experiment revealed that an identical pro-Palestinian posting was not deemed to be in violation of Facebook’s “community standards.”

In December 2015, the Shurat HaDin lawfare group set up “The Big Facebook Experiment,” which simultaneously launched two Facebook pages — “Stop Palestinians” and “Stop Israelis” — with nearly identical content that incited violence and hatred against the other.

Shurat HaDin reported both pages and received almost immediate replies. Facebook removed the ‘Stop Palestinians’ page that incited against Palestinians, stating that the page was removed since it “violated our community standards.” On the other hand, the “Stop Israelis” page that incited against Israelis, was not removed. Facebook stated that the page was “not in violation of Facebook’s rules.”

After facing intense backlash in both the Israeli and Jewish media, Facebook eventually shut down both pages.

Some 20,000 Israelis have joined a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, charging that the social media platform is ignoring posts that include Palestinian incitement and calls to murder Jews.

Protest to Facebook for siding with Israel’s enemies and for allowing online incitement to continue unabated!

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    Source: United with Israel