ACT NOW! Demand Columbia U Fight On-Campus Anti-Semitism

Columbia University

Columbia University experienced the highest overall anti-Semitic activity in 2016. We Must Demand that the University take action against this!

New York’s Columbia University experienced the highest overall anti-Semitic activity last year among more than 100 US schools studied.

According to the AMCHA Initiative’s second annual report on the subject, Columbia also had the largest increase in such episodes, with 29 more incidents in 2016 than in the previous year.

In total, the campuses surveyed in the report experienced a 40 percent spike in anti-Semitic behavior, with 433 incidents recorded in 2016.

A Columbia spokesperson dismissed the facts while stating that “Jewish life and learning is flourishing at Columbia as it has been for decades. This report falsely suggests otherwise by citing allegations of anti-Semitism such as an op-ed in Columbia College’s student newspaper critical of the Israeli government’s policies. Columbia remains committed to freedom of speech, respectful of all members of our diverse community, and vigilant in condemning anti-Semitism.”

However, “Jewish students are bearing the brunt of vast and profound campus intolerance,” lead researcher and AMCHA founder Tammi Rossman-Benjamin said. “Jews are being targeted at heightened levels.”

The onus for this falls solely on the campus administration, which is responsible for a safe and healthy campus climate for everyone.

We must demand that Columbia University ensures its campuses are welcoming and safe for everyone, including Jews!

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Urge Columbia U to Fight On-Campus Anti-Semitism!

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