ACT NOW! Demand CNN Tell the Truth, Refer to ‘Gaza Authorities’ as ‘Hamas Terror Group’

ACT NOW! Demand CNN Tell the Truth, Refer to ‘Gaza Authorities’ as ‘Hamas Terror Group’

Following the October 7 massacre, media bias and misinformation have been rampant, with falsehoods often presented as facts.

CNN, among other news outlets, continues to refer to Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, as “Gaza Authorities,” thereby lending undue legitimacy to their claims and presenting their narratives as credible facts.

CNN’s coverage of recent events, such as the airstrike on a UN school in Gaza, reflects this problematic terminology.

Their report stated that “Gaza Authorities” found US-made munitions were used in the strike, quoting the Hamas-controlled Gaza Ministry of Health.

CNN also published a second headline, but framed it to make it appear as though Israel intentionally targeted a school and killed civilians. That’s not what happened.


This is not the first time CNN has misrepresented the facts. By repeatedly suggesting that Israel targets schools, they ignore the reality that Hamas often uses these facilities as bases for terror operations.

These misrepresentations serve to vilify Israel and obscure the truth about Hamas’s tactics and intentions.

We cannot rely on information disseminated by a terrorist organization whose primary objective is the destruction of Israel.

Referring to Hamas as “Gaza Authorities” not only misleads the public but also implicitly supports their propaganda.

CNN’s failure to accurately label Hamas as a terrorist organization undermines the integrity of their reporting and fuels anti-Israel sentiment.

It is essential for media outlets to report accurately and responsibly.

CNN must stop referring to Hamas as “Gaza Authorities” and acknowledge them for what they are: a terrorist organization.

Email CNN at

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Subject: Demand for Accurate Terminology in Reporting on Gaza



I am writing to express my concern regarding your recent coverage of events in Gaza. Referring to Hamas as “Gaza Authorities” is misleading and grants undue legitimacy to a recognized terrorist organization.


As a reputable news outlet, it is your responsibility to provide accurate and unbiased reporting. I urge you to stop using the term “Gaza Authorities” and accurately refer to Hamas as the terrorist organization that it is.


This change is essential for maintaining journalistic integrity and ensuring your audience receives truthful information.


[Your Name]

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