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It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so absurd – the PA, whose leaders pay salaries to imprisoned terrorist murderers participated in a conference titled “No Money for Terrorism!”

By: United with Israel and PMW

The Palestinian Authority (PA), whose leaders pay salaries to imprisoned terrorist murderers and to families of killed terrorists recently participated in a conference in Paris titled “No Money for Terrorism!”

The official Palestinian WAFA news agency reported last month that the PA attended a ministerial conference against terror funding, which was held in the French capital Paris and attended by 500 experts and some 80 ministers from 72 countries.

Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki and Head of the Palestinian Central Bank Azzam Al-Shawa represented the PA.

The conference concluded with a speech by French President Emmanuel Macron, in which he emphasized the significance of continuing the international efforts and cooperation against terror funding.

The PA was invited and participated in the conference despite that fact that the PA actively and openly uses its budget and also aid from donor countries to pay terrorists, while PA leaders ignore the condemnation by the international community.

The PA pays monthly salaries to around 6,500 imprisoned terrorists, as well as monthly allowances to the families of tens of thousands of killed terrorists, who the PA calls “martyrs.”

Indeed, the PA allocated over $350 million in its published 2018 budget for these expenditures. Despite international criticism, PA leaders vow to continue to pay terror-rewarding salaries, underscored Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

PMW has documented that the PA spends money on monuments to terrorist murderers and the PA Ministry of Education has named 31 schools after terrorists, just to name a few of the many ways the PA spends money on terrorists and on immortalizing them.

The More You Kill, the More You Get

Rudy Giuliani, attorney to US President Donald Trump and former mayor of New York City, recently called the PA a “murder machine” and “a prime supporter of terrorism,” noting its financial support and glorification of terrorists.

The PA paid terrorists and their families more than $347 million in 2017, and increased terror incentives by $56 million to $403 million for 2018, with terror expenditures comprising some seven percent of the PA’s overall budget according to Israel’s Defense Ministry.

Palestinian prisoners serving 20-30 year sentences for carrying out terror attacks are eligible for a lifetime NIS 10,000 monthly stipend, the Defense Ministry said, citing PA figures.

Those who receive a three-to-five-year sentence get a monthly wage of NIS 2,000. Palestinian prisoners who are married, have children, live in Jerusalem or hold Israeli citizenship receive additional payments.

“The payment of money by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists who are convicted of terrorism is an absolute human rights outrage and a crime in and of itself,” Giuliani stated.

“To give money to people who slaughter innocent human beings, including children and women and innocent people of all kinds, is a direct contribution to terrorism… The fact that the Palestinian Authority does this, carries this out on a massive scale, is yet another indication that the Palestinian Authority is a prime supporter of terrorism, and therefore not entitled to be a state.”


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Source: United with Israel