(Official Facebook of the Fatah Movement)

The Palestinian political faction Fatah, led by Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, posted a list of party achievements on Facebook on Wednesday which included the killing of 11,000 Israelis. The post was ostensibly part of a campaign aimed at securing votes in the upcoming October election.

The list boasted of its tens of thousands of martyrs, successful terror attacks, and participation in the First and Second Intifadas, in addition to “[leading] the Palestinian attack on Israel in the UN.” The post was translated by watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

While Fatah and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) have been killing Israelis since 1965 – an anniversary it celebrated last year – PMW points out that the figure of 11,000 is grossly exaggerated.

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The post celebrates Fatah’s 170,000 martyrs and claims that it was “the first Palestinian faction to reach the nuclear reactor in Dimona”, a reference to a 1988 terror attack in which Palestinian terrorists hijacked a bus and killed three women on their way to work at the Dimona nuclear plant, located in southern Israel.

 (Fatah Official Facebook Page)
(Fatah Official Facebook Page)

Fatah bragged of being the first Palestinian faction to carry out operations in the First and Second Intifadas, beginning in 1987 and 2005 respectively, under the auspices of the PLO.

Interestingly, the post did not cite a single act or achievement related to peace efforts, but concentrated solely on bragging about the violence and terror it has perpetrated against Israel in order to appeal to the Palestinian people for votes.

Fatah is running against Hamas, the terror organization in control of the Gaza Strip. While Fatah is clearly interested in promoting its image as violently anti-Israel, it is widely viewed as the more moderate of the two parties.

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