Abbas’ Party Celebrates Bloody Past, Looks to Violent Future on Anniversary

Fatah. (Facebook)

Abbas’ Fatah is proud of the one thing it has accomplished over the course of its 54 years of existence: violence.

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik/Palestinian Media Watch, via

As Abbas’ Fatah Movement celebrates its 54th anniversary, its dominant messages to its people are celebration of 54 years of violence, together with the promise of more violence in the future.

Fatah is declaring to Palestinians once again, similar to what Palestinian Media Watch documented in previous years, that Fatah has not and will never “drop the rifle” or abandon terror – what it euphemistically calls “the armed struggle.”

The image of the rifle is the main theme of this year’s celebrations. In the picture above, which Fatah posted on its official Facebook page, two young girls holding assault rifles are shown leading a march of uniformed men, who are also holding assault rifles.

This picture also posted by Fatah includes four assault rifles. In addition to the large rifle, one is part of the logo of the 54th anniversary, and two are in Fatah’s regular logo in the upper left.

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Source: United with Israel