Abbas’ Fatah Celebrates 51 Years of Murder and Vows to Continue

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Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas (Flash90)

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement chose to celebrate 51 years of violence against the Jewish State and the killing of Israelis and Jews.

Marking the 51st anniversary of the founding of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) ruling Fatah party, led by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, the movement posted an image on its Lebanese website on which the number 51 is made up of a knife, a bullet and a rifle. The text says “Revolution until victory.”

On Facebook, Fatah’s official page cheered the results of its terror attacks – what it calls “sowing terror” among Israelis – and posted a picture of a masked Fatah fighter with the words: “Half a century of sowing terror in the eyes of the sons of Zion”

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The knife in Fatah’s anniversary logo is particularly relevant amid the current frequency of Palestinian stabbing attacks.

Another post, this time with a masked Fatah fighter with a rifle, stated: “We march, we are not afraid of the fire and we do not fear death. With blood we will redeem the homeland and saturate its ground. The anniversary is approaching.”

The knife in the logo is particularly relevant amid the surge of Palestinian terror attacks, many of which have been stabbings. Since October, 10 Israelis have been killed and 72 wounded in stabbing attacks. In total, 25 Israelis have been murdered and 259 were injured during the current terror wave.

Throughout the surge in violence, Fatah has emphasized its support for violence against Israelis in general and for stabbings in particular.

Other posters and images glorifying the rifle and violence have been posted recently by Fatah on Facebook, Twitter, and on Fatah’s official websites.

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Palestinian Media Watch

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