A Palestinian State Will Lead to War with USA

A Palestinian State Will Lead to War with USA

In July 2022, the United States reaffirmed its commitment to collaborate with Israel against Iran’s aggression and destabilizing activities, including those of its proxies like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. However, the Biden administration’s dangerous focus on establishing a Palestinian state has sparked significant concerns over potential threats to both Israel and the USA.

The push for a Palestinian state is perceived by experts as a move that could pose an existential threat to Israel, directly contradicting the 2022 joint declaration. Irwin J. Mansdorf, a senior fellow and analyst in political psychology at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, warns in an oped in the Jerusalem Post that this development “not only contradicts the commitment outlined in the joint declaration but also constitutes a significant threat to the US itself.”

A December 2023 report by the US Congressional Homeland Security Committee highlighted the increasing national security threat from the growing number of fugitives at the southwestern border, including those linked to Hamas and Hezbollah. The report stated that “the national security threat posed by the growing number of fugitives at the southwestern border – especially from America’s enemies, including Hamas and Hezbollah supported by Iran – was reinforced by the terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7.” This emphasizes that the dangers posed by Iran and its proxies to Israel also extend to the United States.

Iran’s influence stretches beyond the Middle East, fostering alliances with countries in South America, such as Venezuela, to bolster its anti-American agenda. Mansdorf notes, “In South America, Tehran has managed to cultivate relationships with its allies, such as Venezuela, which reinforce the anti-American agenda.” Additionally, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who attack shipping in the Red Sea and engage in conflicts against Israel, further serve Iranian interests, disrupting regional and international stability.

Social psychology suggests that a common threat can unify disparate groups. In this context, the aim of eliminating Israel brings together Shia Iran and Sunni Palestinians despite their religious and ethnic differences. Mansdorf explains, “Resistance to a common threat links parties that otherwise have different interests. In this situation, the goal of eliminating Israel binds together Shia Iran and Sunni Palestinians, despite their longstanding religious and ethnic differences.”

While Western nations often see the establishment of a Palestinian state as a step towards peace, Iran and its Islamist allies view it as a strategic and ideological victory. This exploitation of Western naivety serves Iran’s interests, using Islamist values to promote the establishment of a Palestinian state as a precursor to creating Iranian “proxy states.” Mansdorf states, “By supporting a Palestinian state, they psychologically manipulate Western naivety and promote their interests based on Islamist values.”

Analysts argue that the Biden administration and Western governments must recognize the risks associated with supporting a Palestinian state. Such a state could facilitate the creation of Iranian proxies, escalating threats to Western interests. Mansdorf cautions, “The next war will likely be against the United States,” emphasizing the broader implications for global security.

The evolving geopolitical landscape underscores the importance of a united US-Israel front against Iran’s aggression. Maintaining this collaboration is essential to safeguarding the interests and security of both nations amid growing regional instability. Establishing a Palestinian state could have far-reaching implications, potentially leading to a broader conflict involving the United States.

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