For the first time since 1959, Transportation minister Bezalel Smotrich has allowed an Israeli vehicle company to manufacture and sell their Israeli made vehicles domestically.

Founded in 1982 by Mr. Ido Cohen, Ido Off Road Center’s flagship vehicle is called the Zibar, an off-road vehicle that comes in three different models – the Zibar Trooper, the MK2 and the Z-Mag.

The company specializes in the “design and development of unique off road vehicles for extreme and rough terrain” for the military, security forces and “rally racing.”

The Trooper and the Z-Mag are both military vehicles that are built for security forces. They are mainly used for mobile deployments.

The MK2 however, is the most rugged version of Ido Offroad’s vehicles. It incorporates a sleek style, racing suspension design and components with a luxury cabin. The vehicle is equipped with a sound system and air conditioning as well. The company adds that the MK2 also features “workhorse capabilities.”

Some of their current non-civilian clients include: Elbit sysems, Aeronautics systems, the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F), Mahindra & Mahindra, Hydrofix, Soltam Systems Ltd, Colmobile – Mercedes Benz, Israel Railways and the Israeli police.

The last Israeli made vehicle to enter the local market was the Susita (small horse) in 1959.


Source: Israel in the News