9 Months After the 2nd Wave of Coronavirus, Messiah will Arrive Popular Rabbi Says

In a recent lecture, popular Israeli Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak laid out what he deems to be a realistic scenario whereby the Messiah would arrive. And he even related it to the current coronavirus crisis.

He starts off the lecture quoting Micha:

Truly, He will leave them [helpless] Until she who is to bear has borne; Then the rest of his countrymen Shall return to the children of Yisrael. (Micha 5:2)

The rabbi explains that we learn from this passage that the Messiah won’t come until the evil empire that rules over the entire world is brought down.”It appears as though the nation of Israel will be under the rule of an evil empire” he said.”That is Edom.”

At this point, Rabbi Yitzchak explains how it is possible for an evil globalist empire to rule over Israel and the entire world for that matter. He then relates to the current restrictions that were enforced during the current coronavirus crisis saying: “The decree that people must be isolated, controlled, telling them not to move and to do what we say – that’s called control.”

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak (courtesy: screenshot)

He then addresses the highly anticipated ‘second wave’ that many world leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are saying is an innevitability. “Now they are planning a second wave. If it lasts for nine months, it’s likely that after that period redemption will arrive.”

Rabbi Yitzchak then quotes Rabbi Yehuda as a Biblical source saying the Messiah won’t come until the kingdom of ‘Romi’ falls. This evil empire will control the entire world for nine months.” Romi is translated as ‘Rome’, more specifically – the Vatican.

The rabbi then brings sources from the Gemarah stating that the seed of Eisav will rule the world for nine months until Jacob dethrones him. “Today we see that they are ruling us” the rabbi said. “We get orders from Edom and the entire world executes. Everyone wears masks. Everyone is in isolation.”

The rabbi also quotes Proverbs 21 to solidify his point.

He who sows injustice shall reap misfortune; His rod of wrath shall fail. The generous man is blessed, For he gives of his bread to the poor.(Proverbs 21:8-9)

According to Rabbi Yitzchak, the person sowing injustice in this passage is Esau – the father of Edom who will also be the one to reap misfortune.” After those seven months, the “generous man will be blessed”. That generous man is Jacob explains the rabbi. He adds that all of Jacob’s blessings will come to fruition in the end of days.

He also invokes Isaiah 9:2 to buttress the prophecy:

You have magnified that nation, Have given it great joy; They have rejoiced before You As they rejoice at reaping time, As they exult When dividing spoil. (Isaiah 9:2)

However the Hebrew text says  לא לוֹ which means “not for them.” Rabbi Yitzchak explains that this means that although Esau’s nation of Edom is big and powerful as they control the world, in the end it will not be them who celebrates but rather the nation of Israel.

“The Free Masons who built the Tower of Babel are excited because they think that their big plans of depopulating the world are finally coming to fruition” he concludes. “But in the end, the celebration will not be theirs but rather of the Jewish people.”

Source: Israel in the News