7-Year-Old Child Executed by ISIS for “Cursing Divinity”

(Photo: Breaking Israel News)

In yet another monstrous act exercising their reign of terror, the Islamic State (ISIS) executed a 7-year-old boy for “cursing divinity” in Syria last Thursday.

The boy, identified as Muaz Hassan, was playing soccer with some friends in Raqqa, Syria, when ISIS members overheard him speaking out against religion, an act which “was considered an insult to the Caliphate, regardless of the age of the boy,” a source told ARA, a Syrian news agency. Raqqa is the terror group’s de facto capital, accounting for the greater presence of IS members in the area.

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Without any warning prior to the execution, Hassan was killed by a firing squad at a central square last week. He was shot dead in front of hundreds of people, including his parents, who collapsed in grief, witnesses told ARA.

The Islamic State has earned a reputation of brutality since proclaiming itself a caliphate in June, 2014. Though they’ve certainly killed many children under the age of 18 in their ruthless killing spree of civilians on a number of charges, Hassan is believed to be the youngest child sentenced to death by ISIS.

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Source: Israel in the News