300% Increase of Families in Need of Financial Assistance

Israel is often heralded as an innovative powerhouse with some of the most cutting edge tech companies worldwide. But there is another side to the Jewish state that is less talked about and it is its poverty problem.

The first economic shutdown from the coronavirus crisis caused the national poverty level to drop dramatically and with the second national shutdown it has become unbearable!

In comparison to the same period in 2019, the report showed a 300% increase in the number of families receiving assistance due to the corona crisis. 

In fact, according to Ynet, the crisis sent at least 145,000 people into a new state of food insecurity. For those 1,870,000 Israelis who were already in a dire state before the Coronavirus crisis even began, their crisis and need for food during the High Holidays has intensified markedly.

But if there is one organization that is up for the challenge, it is Meir Panim

That’s because Meir Panim is among Israel’s largest food distribution organizations providing hot nourishing meals to Israelis who can’t afford them. People in Israel who are new to the world of food insecurity are now turning to Meir Panim in droves for hot meals that they otherwise could not afford. 

But in order for the organization to carry out this life-saving mission, they need help. Meir Panim can only operate with donations from people who care about the health of the nation of Israel. 

So if your pocket hasn’t been hit too hard by the corona crisis, now can be your chance to help the less fortunate in the Promised Land. Help an Israeli family in need with a meal to eat for the holidays. Donate to Meir Panim today and you can double your impact.

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