Marwan Barghouti

The Palestinian Mission in London has again failed in an attempt to promote terrorism by glorifying a murderer of Israelis. 

The Copthorne Tara Hotel in London canceled an event in which a film honoring Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti was to be screened after Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) informed the hotel that the event may be in violation of British law.

A letter from PMW’s legal director, Maurice Hirsch, to the hotel noted that Barghouti is a convicted terrorist sentenced to five life terms for the murder of five Israelis. The letter stated that hosting an event glorifying such a terrorist could result in “potentially criminal repercussions,” in accordance with the Terrorism Act of 2006, which prohibits incitement to violence.

The hotel was the second UK venue to cancel the screening of the controversial film in the past week. The May Fair Hotel canceled a similar event and decided not to proceed after undertaking “standard due diligence.”

The Palestinian Mission in the UK has been promoting the film in honor of Barghouti, the former head of Fatah’s Tanzim terror faction.

The film “Marwan,” produced by the independent Palestinian news agency Ma’an, was to be screened in London to mark Palestinian Prisoner’s Day in “solidarity” with what the invitation on the embassy’s official website refers to as “6500 Palestinian political prisoners” – i.e., imprisoned terrorists and murderers.

Barghouti is referred to as a “resistance fighter” who turned “advocate of the two-state solution.”

Under Barghouti’s leadership, the al-Aqsa Brigade helped escalate the second intifada by launching numerous terrorist attacks against civilians. These include the January 2002 Bat Mitzvah massacre, in which Palestinian terrorists killed six people at a birthday celebration for a 12-year-old Jewish girl, as well as the March 2002 Yeshivat Beit Yisrael massacre, in which a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 11 Israeli civilians, including two infants, three children and two teenagers.

He was acquitted on charges of 33 other murders due to lack of evidence of direct involvement, with the court noting that “he did not have direct control over the terrorists, but did wield influence.”

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which monitors Palestinian incitement to terrorism, has reported on the Palestinian attempt to convince the international community to “recognize the legitimacy” of Barghouti’s murders by campaigning for him to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

By: United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel