It was announced on Friday that a 12 year old German-Iraqi boy was detained by police for planting two bombs in Germany, making him the youngest person accused of terror related crimes in Europe to date.

Focus Magazine reported on Friday that first incident occurred when the boy placed a bomb at the Christmas Market in Ludwigshafen on November 26. The boy placed a backpack near the market containing a homemade bomb  composed of gunpowder surrounded with nails and screws. The bomb failed to go off. He made another attempt on December 5, placing a similar bomb near the city hall. A passer-by reported the suspicious object to police and the bomb-squad set off a controlled explosion, destroying the bomb. The boy was taken in by police on the same day.

The boy was allegedly radicalized by an unknown member of the Islamic State (ISIS) and is being held in a juvenile detention center.

In an ironic twist, the announcement came two days after a story in Reuters with the headline, “Refugees bring a taste of Syria to German Christmas market”.

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The boy is the youngest suspect to be arrested for terror related crimes in Europe, but Israel has been coping with this phenomenon since the beginning of its present wave of violence over one year ago, becoming the focus of international criticism when the Knesset passed a law permitting terrorists as young as 12-years old to be jailed.

In October 2015, a 13-year old Palestinian and his 15-year old cousin armed with knives attacked a 13-year old Israeli and a 25-year old Israeli. The younger Israeli was wounded critically.

On year ago, an 11-year old Palestinian and his 14-year old cousin armed with knives attacked a security guard on the light rail system, wounding him multiple times. The 11-year old was released without being charged.

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