On the anniversary of the death of the Biblical matriarch Rachel, the Kever (tomb) of Rachel Heritage Fund is hosting an event entitled: ‘The Yeshua is on the Way!’.

flier for event (courtesy: Facebook)

The entire text of the flier reads:

‘How you can bring your own ישועה’.

א”יה (if God wills it) on the Yartzheit (anniversary of one’s death) of Rachel Imeinu (matriarch)

November 9th 2019, א”יה מוצ”ש י”א חשבן תש”פ

At the Ramada Jerusalem Hotel

Doors open at 7:30 p.m Program at 8:00 p.m

Rebbitzen (rabbi’s wife) Tzippora Heller

Rebbitzen Rina Tarshish

The text then reads: ‘Your inner spark, finding your true self’ and is followed by ticket information.

Yeshua is translated as ‘salvation’ in hebrew.

Source: Israel in the News