An Arab got within a few feet of a Border Policeman checkpoint near the Lion’s Gate and opened fire. The soldier who charged the gunman was wounded in the arm, with the bullet passing through his arm, passing inches away from his chest.

“The terrorist suddenly pulled a gun and started shooting toward us a few rounds,” the unnamed soldier said in a police video released after the attack. “Even though I was hit in the shoulder I charged at him together with another officer who was with me at the post, and we neutralized him,” the IDF soldier who was injured told Times of Israel. The other soldiers pursued the terrorist, shooting and killing him.

“The officers responded with determination, neutralized the assailant and prevented further attacks on innocents,” the police said in a statement.

Hebrew-language media said the terrorist was an Arab man from Haifa who converted from Christianity to Islam recently.

The Palestinians have responded to President Trump’s plan for peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs with a wave of terrorist attacks. 12 off-duty IDF soldiers were wounded in a ramming attack in central Jerusalem in the early hours of Thursday.  Another soldier was lightly injured just before noon on Thursday in a drive-by shooting alongside a highway near Dolev in Samaria.

There have also been countless aerial explosive devices and mortars launched into Israel in the past week in clear cooperation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Source: Israel in the News