After visiting Hebron, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro headed to Jerusalem where he made the holy pilgrimage to the Temple Mount. There, he recited the musaf Jewish prayer according to witnesses at the scene.

In his group was another Jewish pilgrim who prostrated himself in front of the Holy of Holies. The Waqf, who act as the religious custodians of the site rushed to the police who removed the young man and detained him for questioning. The police on the mount then decided to end the group’s tour and escorted everyone to the Lions Gate cutting the tour short. Shapiro was among the members of the group.

As an act of defiance, Shapiro’s group began singing Hebrew songs about building the Third Temple to protest the detention of the man who prostrated. The tactic seemed to work as the police agreed to release the “prisoner” from detention so long as the group stop singing. The group agreed and stopped singing. The man who was detained was released from detention and allowed to leave the mount with the group.

But on their way out, the Waqf began with shouts of “Alla hu Akbar!”  At that point the group began singing again Mount.

Welcome to Israel Ben. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of material for your show.

Source: Israel in the News