An indigenous man from the other side of the world explains why he identifies as a Zionist and supports the Jewish state in the Land of Israel.

Anti-Zionists and their misinformed followers claim that Israel is an apartheid state that mistreats its Arab citizens. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Many even go as far as to dispute the profound historic Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

In this video, an indigenous Maori Samoan man from New Zealand refutes these anti-Israel claims, using his own ancestral history to prove his point.

A fascinating watch!

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Israelis are Under Attack. Do You Support Israel?

Want to do something important for Israel? Make a donation to help fight against Palestinian incitement and terror.

The Palestinians’ self-proclaimed knife intifada is the latest result of ongoing incitement against innocent Israelis. Israelis are being stabbed, shot and run over. Yet the world is silent. Help Israel to fight and win the war against terror. The time to act is now!


Source: United with Israel