Food made using capsules and the new Genie device, along with ingredients. (White Innovative Ltd.)

Israeli technology helps ensure that there is sufficient water and food for a global population that now numbers more than 7.6 billion people.

As the world population races towards the 8 billion mark, Israeli firms are hard at work keeping up with the growing demands for water and food, particularly in Africa, where millions suffer from food and water insecurity.

Among the new Israeli food technologies are high yield seeds specialized for the desert and long shelf-life capsules of ready made food that can be consumed after simple heating.

Similarly impressive, Israel’s new water technology pulls water out of the thin air while utilizing the power of the sun.

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Life-Saving ATVs Stop Terrorists Before they Attack Innocent Israelis

Palestinian attackers have terrorized Israelis with stabbings, shootings, bombings and car-rammings throughout Israel, with no end in sight.

Specialized, state-of-the-art, compact, all-terrain ATVs that maneuver in tight spaces are Israel’s “secret weapon,” designed to pursue and capture terrorists BEFORE they attack. Life-saving ATVs are desperately needed to protect communities throughout Israel. Please donate generously!


Source: United with Israel