Dr. Salman Zarka. (screenshot)

The Israeli physician who oversaw an operation during Syria’s bloody civil war that helped thousands of wounded civilians is receiving well deserved recognition for his service.

For six years, Israeli doctors, nurses, and first responders provided critical care to Syrian victims of an internal conflict that killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians.

Despite the fact that Syria has refused to make peace with Israel and has fought multiple wars against the Jewish state, Israeli doctors did not hesitate when the call came to save Syrian lives.

As the head of “Operation Good Neighbor,” Ziv Medical Center Director General Dr. Salman Zarka will be honored by the State of Israel on independence Day this year for his role in this lifesaving mission.

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Send Passover Food Packages to Needy Israeli Soldiers

We are honored to thank the young men and women of the IDF who risk their lives to protect the citizens of Israel. Join us in sending Passover food packages (and personal notes) to needy Israeli soldiers and their families.

Bring Passover joy and blessing to the heroes of Israel who defend our freedom every day!
Many soldiers spend the Passover holiday with needy families back home. The soldiers greatly appreciate your love and concern.


Source: United with Israel