Saleh Al-Arouri

Hamas official Saleh Al-Arouri brags that the “main supporters of the brigades and the resistance” against Israel “are the brothers in Iran.”

In 1950, the Shah of Iran sent a minister to host the first official function to be held by a foreign diplomat in Jerusalem after Israel proclaimed the Holy City as its capital.”

The warm relations, together with the El Al flights, the sale of oil to Israel and even the hosting of a large Israeli expatriate community in Tehran, all came to an abrupt end with the Islamic-Marxist revolution in 1979.

Today, Iran is feverishly arming a proxy terror group on Israel’s northern border while building up Hamas in Gaza.

Saleh Al-Arouri, Deputy Head of the Hamas terrorist organization’s “political bureau,” makes no secret of the Iranian threat, claiming on Iranian television that the support is well known and that he is working to ensure that it “continues and intensifies.”

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Source: United with Israel