Undercover Israeli Journalist: Iranian Regime Views Biden as Salvation

An expert Arabist who has gone undercover to investigate the Muslim Brotherhood said in a recent interview that the evil Iranian regime is praying five times a day for Biden to win the election since he would almost certainly reinvigorate their economy thereby supporting regional terrorism with an influx of cash.

Zvi Yechezkeli: “Iranians Pray Five Times a Day for the Overthrow of Trump”

Zvi Yechezkeli (Photo via Wikimedia)

Zvi Yechezkeli is a television journalist and documentarian. He is an Arab affairs correspondent and head of the Arab desk at Israeli News 10. Born to a secular Iraqi and Kurdish family, he became religious later in life. He speaks Arabic fluently and Yehezkeli is regarded as one of Israel’s leading Arabists. He has gone undercover to produce documentaries on the Muslim Brotherhood in the US and Europe.

In an interview with Nissim Mashaal of Channel 13, Yechezkeli discussed the upcoming US elections.

“I understand that the Iranians pray five times a day for the overthrow of US President Donald Trump,” Marshal said at the beginning of the interview.

 “It is very true,” Yechezkeli said. “I think the Iranians are waiting more for Biden than for Mahdi [the Muslim concept of Messiah].  Why? Because today the miracles of the Iranian regime are at a critical point at which they have been suffering for several years from sanctions. The corona is a huge plague there. At this point, the Iranian government is looking for a salvation. That’s why it’s so critical.”

“If Trump is elected, this regime will choose to continue to suffer or they will go to negotiations, but it will be on completely different terms than what they received from Obama at the time. If Biden is elected, that’s how the Iranians see it, the [JCPOA] agreement is back, and for them they will get a lifeline and economic oxygen. MOney will start flowing back into Iran. It means that the Ayatollahs’ regime will return to imposing terrorism in the Middle East. This is a critical point therefore it is very important to the Iranian regime who will be elected in the US.”

“So according to [the Iranian regime], a Trump victory will be a disaster,” Mashaal said. “This will be a threat to their regime.”

“Look, Trump grabbed them,” Yechezkeli said. “In 2015 the Iranians managed to make an agreement with Obama and the other powers, the best for them. They said the strong Persian culture conquered the West, taking hundreds of billions of dollars. But then Trump came along and turned everything around. He told them he understood business, and that they could not hold a stick at both ends – both to make money and to exercise terror. Trump cut everything, understood their hypocrisy and understood their methods. Trump was their nightmare. Even if one day he sits down with them to negotiate they already know that he knows all their tricks.

“Obama for example, not only believed them and betrayed the Arab world, he also saw the ayatollahs as legitimate leaders. Now we know that at the time of the negotiations between the ayatollahs and the US that the rule of terror flourished around the world.”

“The rule of the ayatollahs is at a critical point. “The Abrahamic agreements made are a case in point and Biden will choose. I think Saudi Arabia really wants Trump, but both Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states are also preparing for a case and Biden will choose.”

Democrats: Return to Iran Deal and Pandering to Muslim Voters

President Trump has brokered normalization agreements between Israel and former enemies. Experts claim that these agreements were facilitated by the common threat of Iran invigorated by the Obama-Biden deal that greenlighted the Iranian nuclear and ICBM programs.

In the recent campaign, Joe Biden has promised to return to the Iran deal and include Muslims in every level of government. In July, he gave a virtual speech to Emgage Action, a Muslim advocacy group. During the address, he quoted a section of the Koran which, though it sounded benign, had a significance recognized by Muslims alluding to jihad, a holy war against non-Muslims.

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