UAE Anti-Terrorism Expert Calls for Regional Jewish-Christian-Muslim Cooperation

UAE Anti-Terrorism Expert Calls for Regional Jewish-Christian-Muslim Cooperation

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Ali Rashid al-Nuaimi, chairman of Hedayah, the International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism, based in Abu Dhabi, described a post-Abraham Accords reality in which his country will cooperate with Israel in the war on terrorism.

A;-Nuami explained that the Islamic world has a vested interest in separating itself from Islamist extremism. 

“We need to pool all resources to work together to counter-terrorism,”  al-Nuaimi said. “They [terrorists] are across borders; they are everywhere. It’s our responsibility as Muslims to get back our religion and to show it to our kids as a religion of peace.”

The UAE Armed Forces play an active role in the US-led War on Terrorism even  sending troops to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The UAE designated a list of 83 organizations and entities including the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Houthis, and the Islamic State as terrorist organizations.

“Terrorism does not have a religion,” he said. “Terrorists are a threat to all of us, to the world, and no single nation will by itself be able to counter-terrorism.”

Relating to the aptly-named Abraham Accords, al-Nuami emphasized the region’s significance to all three Abrahamic religions as a basis for cooperation. 

 “The roots of the Jews and Christianity are in this area, not in North America or Europe. They belong here; they are part of us.”

“Those who help Christians or Jews move out of [countries such as] Iraq, Morocco, Syria [and] Egypt are doing something that’s a threat to all of us,” Nuaimi said. “Those who are part of our history should be part of our future.”

“We want to promote the message that this region has suffered enough, and we had to break the boundaries, break the ice,” he said. “We explored what we’ve been doing for 70 years, and it didn’t get us anywhere, so let’s choose something different.”

“If we did this treaty 20 years ago, you would see hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in many Arab cities,” Nuaimi said. “You didn’t see any of that. Instead, you saw paid demonstrations funded by Qataris, the Muslim Brotherhood, [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas and Hamas. They don’t represent the Palestinian people or the Arab world. We understand this will happen, and there is a campaign against us.

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