A border policeman was lightly wounded on Thursday after being shot near the Temple Mount compound. Officers who arrived on the scene shot and killed the terrorist. Below is a picture of the policeman who was shot in his arm and is being treated in a Jerusalem hospital. The bullet skimmed his arm. A few inches away, the bullet wound would have meant a far different result.

The perpetrator is a resident of the northern city of Haifa who recently converted to Islam reports Ynet. Despite the

Also on Thursday, a drive-by shooting attack took place near Telmon in the Benjamin region of Samaria. According to reports, four terrorists pulled up to a watchtower, shot a 20-year old soldier. Miraculously, the bullet grazed his head and the soldier emerged from the attack unscathed.

Other IDF soldiers opened fire at the terrorists however they still managed to flee. The lightly injured victim was treated for light wounds by paramedics at the scene.

Terrorism expert and Shiloh Children’s Fund founder David Rubin weighed in on the wave of terror attacks blaming Israel’s perceived weakness following Trump’s Deal of the Century saying: “This is the direct of a policy of weakness.”

Rubin added that the sudden flip-flopping with regards to the plan has a direct effect on Arab terrorism in Israel adding: “when you come out with a peace plan and according to this peace plan, say that Israel can declare sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. And rather than implement that, Jared Kushner goes on the left-wing media circuit pandering to the Arabs and pleading with the Arabs to accept this plan. Any time the “Palestinians” sense weakness, they pounce on it.”

Rubin also added that what Trump’s son-in-law and Israel envoy Jared Kushner is doing “is just the opposite of the Trump declarations of Israeli soverignty in Jerusalem.” Rubin lists several of those measures such as the moving of the U.S embassy to Jerusalem and the recognition of Israeli soverignty on the Golan Heights. “When all of those steps were taken, there was hardly any violence at all. Because there was no ambiguity. The problem here is that there is a lot of ambguity because of Jared Kushner’s tour of the Arab media and the left wing media which I think is a big mistake” Rubin explained.

“It’s a continuation of the same terrorism we’ve seen in the past 20 years. When they want to turn on the faucets, they turn on the faucets” Rubin concluded.




Source: Israel in the News