President Trump has hired Kayleigh McEnany, a spokeswoman for his re-election campaign, as his fourth White House press secretary on Tuesday. McEnany replaces Stephanie Grisham, who only served in the position for nine months.

McEnany who credited Trump’s 2016 victory to Christian prayers, has a long track record of calling out anti-Israel bias both domestically and internationally.

In the following clip from 2015, McEnany can be seen taking on three liberal hosts of the View defending Netanyahu’s cause against Obama’s appeasement to Hamas and other radical Islamic governments.

She has also noted that: ““If the Arabs put down their arms there would be no more war. If Israel put down its arms there would be no more Israel.” McEnany isalso not afraid to call out the UN and ex President Obama for their anti-Israel agenda saying “The UN once again, with a complicit Obama administration, targets Israel while ignoring brutal dictatorships like Syria and Iran.”

In the following tweet, McEnany blasts Democrat Speaker Pelosi for protecting anti-semite Rashida Tlaib:

She even laid into Twitter on their own platform for protecting Hamas:

Her love of Israel might come from her deep faith in which she called “indispensable” while revealed that she asked God to guide how she handles heated situations.

Source: Israel in the News