Thousands of lakes around the globe have fallen victim to toxic algae blooms, entire aquatic ecosystems are collapsing, and only fruitless multi-million dollar skimming exercises – impossible to do on a large scale – are out there for the higher bidder.

That’s no longer true says Eyal Harel, the CEO and Co-Founder of BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd.

The thousands of lakes afflicted with toxic cyanobacteria blooms – dangerous and potentially deadly to humans and animals – could be cleaned completely within 72 hours, as a solution to the global problem has been found, proven successful in the US, China, Russia and Israel – and now commercially available for local governments to deploy.

The solution is Lake Guard™ Blue – from Israel’s BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. (“BlueGreen”) – an algaecide that is spread over the surface of the lake to combat the toxic species of algae, allowing for the lake environment to reset to normal levels.  After successful treatments in China and Israel, Lake Guard™ Blue was used in its first US application at Ohio’s Chippewa Lake. The treatment cleared the toxic algae bloom in a matter of hours so that the lake could reopen to the public the next day.

BlueGreen is an authority on the root causes of the toxic algae epidemic, and has condemned the inaction of authorities:

“Why are those in the position to help the lakes standing paralyzed with their heads in their hands mourning the devastation when there is an immediate, effective and proven treatment available?  We are in a state of emergency within these bodies of water – and irrevocable damage is being done to ecosystems because of our inaction. Toxic blooms, made worse by climate change, have made these dangerous environmental situations grown even more catastrophic. At what point will local officials act?”

Here is a detailed video of the Chippewa Lake treatment

Source: Israel in the News