In the face of UNESCO resolutions trying to erase the spiritual bond between the Jews and their holiest sites, a new video series produced by Christians is making a powerful statement showing the undeniable archaeological proof that Jerusalem has always been the heart of the Jewish people. Told from a Christian perspective, it is a powerful reminder to Jews of an essential to our faith while expressing unrelenting support for Israel.

While the United Nations is bowing to the Arabs and promoting a false narrative denying thousands of years of Jewish history in Jerusalem, Christians are awakening to their stake in this battle. The Watchman, America’s largest pro-Israel organization has joined forces with the world’s largest Christian television network and created The Watchman, a 30-minute, weekly program hosted by Christians United for Israel’s (CUFI) Erick Stakelbeck.

Episode 60 was released last week, the first half of a two-part series touring the City of David in Jerusalem to discover the top ten archaeological finds that prove the ancient Jewish Biblical claim to Jerusalem. In this beautifully produced video, Stakelbeck emphasizes that God gave all of the Land of Israel to the Jews in perpetuity, while noting the attempts to deny this claim in. Interspersed in the video are messages of support for Israel while it is under political and physical attack.

Stakelbeck tours the archaeological site with the City of David’s Director of International Affairs, Zeev Orenstein. The first proof Stakelbeck is shown is an engraving of a menorah, a seven-branched oil lamp that was one of the most important of the vessels used in the Temple Service. The image, one of the oldest of a menorah, was carved into the wall of a tunnel under the city. Orenstein tells him it was most probably created by a child. The ancient image is a simple yet powerful statement of the ancient Jewish roots of the site. Orenstein notes that the story comes full circle in the  Arch of Titus Menorah Relief in Rome which depicts Roman soldiers carrying the spoils of the Jewish Wars. The arch, created in 70 CE, features the Menorah prominently.

For those who appreciate the connection between archaeological fact and the Bible, this movie is an essential.

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