burns suffered by the victims of the firebomb attack (courtesy: Facebook)

A group of terrorists in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya tried to incinerate a border patrol jeep driving in the neighborhood while on duty. But when they threw the Molotov cocktail, it missed the border police vehicle and hit a vehicle occupied by Muslim Arabs instead, also residents of Issawiya.

The vehicle’s occupant exited his vehicle rolling around on the floor as he was being immolated. Ironically, the border police, who were the intended targets, were the ones to treat the victim at the scene and likely saved his life under heavy fire from other firebombs, rocks as well as fireworks being aimed at them.

Arab media sources falsely claimed that the victim’s vehicle was set on fire as the result of a stun grenade that the border police threw at it. The victims suffered third-degree burns and are being treated in a local Jerusalem hospital.


Source: Israel in the News