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Shabbat, Purim, and What Makes You Happy

I was reading this week’s column by Rabbi Kalman Packouz and found a few points that might actually apply to those of us who are “Hebraically-aware Gentiles.” He was discussing Purim (which begins this Wednesday evening at sunset) and Happiness, but I’ll start with something about Shabbat. […]

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Book Review: “Ten Parts in the King”

When Pete Rambo asked me to review the book Ten Parts in the King which he co-wrote with Albert J. McCarn, I didn’t think much of it. I’ve reviewed a number of books on this and other blogs over the years, so I figured it would be […]

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The Unchosen

Originally posted on Powered by Robots: Image found at “I’m sorry Norman, but as long as you continue to sin, you are not welcome in this church.” Norman Walker had been attending First Church of the Baptism for over a year now. At first Pastor William […]

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Candle-Lighting Times