Breaking Israel News and Israel365 are calling for prayer for the healing of Rabbi Yehudah Glick who was injured on Thursday by Arabs attacking him with stones in Jerusalem. He was taken to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital where his condition was listed as lightly injured. Rabbi Glick was on his way home after paying a condolence call to the Halak family whose 32-year-old autistic son, Iyad, was shot and killed by an IDF Border Patrol soldier in the Old City on Saturday.

Rabbi Glick is a long-time activist for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount and served as Member of Knesset for Likud.  On 29 October 2014, an Arab on a motorcycle approached Rabbi Glick after he gave a speech at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, shooting him four times at point-blank range. Rabbi Glick survived the assassination attempt, the assassin, a member of Islamic Jihad, was later killed trying to escape from police.  The director of the Jerusalem branch of Fatah, the ruling party in the Palestinian Authority, said, “We in Fatah are not ashamed to take responsibility for the heroic act he [the assassin] carried out today.”

After leaving the Knesset, Rabbi Glick founded the Shalom Jerusalem Organization to “redeem the Temple Mount from the Muslim demands for exclusive rights there, ensuring that all religions enjoy total freedom of access to and worship on the Mount, in order to turn the Mount into the prophetic House of Prayer for All Nations and pave the road for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.”

Before the attack, Rabbi Glick had a virtual global online event for the peace and healing of the US in which he prayed on the Temple Mount along with Breaking Israel News publisher Rabbi Tuly Weisz. Rabbi Weisz is a close personal friend of Rabbi Glick and asked that the public pray in the Jewish tradition in which the name and mother’s name is invoked. Rabbi Glick’s Hebrew name is Yehuda Yehoshua Ben Rivka Ita Breindel Glick.

Source: Israel in the News