The amount of produce that the Land of Israel yields is a direct response to the behavior of its inhabitants. God makes this point very clear throughout the Bible, specifically in Deuteronomy 11:13-15, in which the Lord links the concept of reward and punishment with the successful produce of the land. If the children of God veer from His path and reject Him for idolatry, Divine anger will arise and the land will not give forth its produce. This equation is actually a blessing, since the inhabitants of the Land of Israel have a barometer for their spiritual behavior. If there is famine and drought, they know the Lord is angry and they must inspect their actions. If there is plenty, God is happy with His nation and it is appropriate to sing praises to the Lord for His wonderful bounty. The winter months are an especially auspicious time to pray for sustenance and produce, filled with numerous opportunities to better ourselves spiritually and bring forth lush greenery in the Holy Land.

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