In the early period of Zionism, Jews sought to build up the Land of Israel, setting up agricultural settlements and hoping to live in peace with their neighbors in the Holy Land. In 1927, an organization purchased a plot of land south of Bethlehem and called their new settlement Migdal Eder, the name of a place that Jacob passed on his journeys through the land. Unfortunately, during the Arab uprisings in 1929, the settlement was destroyed. 50 years later, a new agricultural community, or ‘kibbutz,’ was created in the same area. It was given a similar name to its predecessor, but the current name was taken from Psalm 61 of King David’s psalms. In this verse, David speaks of God as his refuge, his migdal oz, or a “tower of strength”, against his enemies. Today, the religious kibbutz known as Migdal Oz has grown. Its main agricultural pursuits include turkey coops, a dairy, fruit orchards and olive farming. In addition, it hosts a women’s seminary for advanced Torah study.

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