Every day, Breaking Israel News will be featuring one of the seventeen victims of Arab terror in the current Jewish year of 5779.

Today, we will profile Rivka Jamil​ z”l.

Rivka Jamil, a mother of five and a grandmother of fifteen, was killed by a rocket fired from Gaza into her hometown – Ashkelon. Suffering from Arab violence was nothing new to Rivka. That’s because her husband, Selem Jamil, was killed during the Yom Kippur War during a battle in the Sinai Peninsula. Coincidentally, he was also killed by a mortar from Egypt while fighting on the Suez Canal.

The only real difference is that Ms. Jamil wasn’t killed by the rocket itself. Rather, upon hearing the Red Alert siren that warns residents of incoming missile fire, Rivka hurried to take cover in a bomb shelter. But while running, she fell and ruptured a disc in her spine. After being admitted to the hospital, other problems began to arise from what her family members say was due to a lack of exercise as a result of the fall. This caused “her condition to deteriorate” the Barzilai hospital’s spokesperson said in a statement.

And just as Rivka suffered during her death, her family is left suffering while living. That’s because although their loved ones are gone, the pain still remains,

But this is where you can step in and help. That’s because Israel365 has launched a campaign to provide financial support for families who have lost their loved ones to terrorist attacks.

Together with your support, we can help rehabilitate those who can’t find the means to cope with such a sudden loss. The funds that you donate today will go to much-needed therapy, food, clothing and experiences that provide a glimmer of happiness during these dark times. 

We can’t prevent the next terror attack, but victims can at the very least find peace of mind in knowing that the nations of the world have their back when the unthinkable happens.

That’s why we’re asking you to give whatever you can. Remember, the commandment of tithes isn’t a demand for you to break the bank. It’s a commandment to set aside a small percentage of your earnings that are left over at the end of the month (if any). 

And blessed be Hashem Most High, Who has delivered your foes into your hand.” And [Avram] gave him a tenth of everything (Genesis 14:20)

Donate to this crucial cause today and do what you can do to help Israel win the war on terror. God’s enemies are in the field. This war isn’t just about killing the Jewish people – it’s about breaking their spirit. Don’t let that happen. Keep Israel strong. Help Israel win.

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Source: Israel in the News