Terrorist Omar Abu Laila. (Facebook/PMW)

The Fatah-affiliated Shabiba student movement is collecting money for the reconstruction of the home of Omar Abu Laila, who murdered two Israelis in March. The house was razed by Israel on April 24.

By MEMRI/JNS and United with Israel Staff

Ahead of student union elections at Palestinian universities, Fatah’s Shabiba student movement at the Hebron branch of the Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie announced on Sunday that it had raised 1,000 Jordanian dinars (about $1,400) for the rebuilding of the home of terrorist Omar Abu Laila.

Abu Laila killed two Israelis in March. One of them was Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, the father of 12 children, and the other victim was IDF soldier Gal Keidan.

Abu Laila’s home was demolished by Israel on April 24, which is standard policy for terrorists who commit such crimes, a punishment intended to deter aspiring terrorists.

Shabiba declared that its aim in rebuilding the home was to set an example for all Palestinian young people and encourage them to support the families of the “martyrs.”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and terror groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad all have official policies of providing salaries and other remuneration to terrorists who murder and maim Israelis. The PA also provides lifetime stipends to the families of terrorists killed during the commission of their crimes.

The PA is currently teetering on the brink of financial collapse due to its response to an Israeli law that requires deductions in tax revenues Israel collects for the PA equal to the amount of money the PA spends of terror salaries.

In response to these deductions, the PA has refused to accept the balance of funds from Israel, choosing instead to continue paying terrorists and their families full stipends, while slashing salaries for PA civil servants.

Mahmoud Abbas’ regime appear to be headed for financial ruin, a fate about which the PA president himself appears unconcerned.

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Source: United with Israel