Toronto Raptors

Jewish co-owner of the basketball team, Larry Tanenbaum, said that he would bring the team to the Holy Land if it wins the NBA crown, reports the Sport5 Israeli sports channel.

By United With Israel Staff 

If the Toronto Raptors win the NBA Finals, it’ll be a win for the only Canadian team in the basketball league as well as a victory for the State of Israel.

“If we win the NBA championship, I will come with the Toronto Raptors to visit the Holy Land,” said team co-owner Larry Tanenbaum, who is Jewish, during a visit to Israel in April, according to the Sport5 Israeli sports channel’s website.

The Raptors lead the best-of-seven series, 3-2, playing against the Golden State Warriors. Game 6 is Thursday night in Oakland. If the Raptors lose the game, they have one more chance back in Toronto on Sunday to take the series.

Sport5 describes Tanenbaum as uncharacteristically humble, considering his title and financial wealth, to the extent that his visit to Israel in April came and went without the knowledge of the local media.

His pledge to visit Israel with his team if they win the NBA crown was made “to some individuals with whom he met” during his recent trip and came to the knowledge of the Israeli sports channel apparently only after he left.

“Tanenbaum is active and philanthropic in the local Jewish community and was a founder of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs,” reports the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

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Source: United with Israel