On 9/11, President Bush was Supposed to Recognize ‘Palestine’, Saudi Official Reveals

Saudi Arabia’s former Ambassador to the US and intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan made several bombshell relations in a recent interview with Al Arabiya.

Among them was that former US President Bill Clinton strong-armed former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak into signing the Camp David Accords threatening that if he didn’t, he would blame Israel for the failure of peace. This despite the fact that Barak pleaded with Clinton that he did not have support for it in his government.

Another more divine revelation came later in the interview when bin Sultan revealed that on September 11, 2001, Washington under the leadership of former President George Bush Jr., was supposed to sign an agreement to recognize Palestine. But after the Twin Towers were taken down, Bin Sultan admitted that it “was not meant to be.”

When 9-11 happened, “the Palestinian cause became the least concern for America and for much of the world” he said.  Regarding the ‘Palestinian’ leaders, “it’s difficult to trust them” bin Sultan admitted after a long rant regarding their indignation of attempted peace negotiations between them and Israel by Bill Clinton.

He also lamented how Turkey and Iran purport to champion the ‘Palestinian’ cause, while making “Jerusalem their first goal.”  He then blasted PA Chairman Abbas for holding Ankara and Tehran in higher regard than the Gulf states like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.



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