Golda Meir

“I want the movie to see the bigger picture of her as a round character, not just a villain or a big Jewish grandmother,” says the director.

By United with Israel Staff

A new documentary titled “Golda” is giving audiences a new perspective of Israel’s legendary female prime minister.

The documentary uses the never before seen footage of Golda Meir’s intimate discussion with two journalists shortly before her passing in 1978.

Meir’s legacy is just as divisive today as it was during her leadership from 1969 to 1974.

During her time as Israel’s fourth prime minister, Israel was involved in a war of attrition with Egypt and her allies that culminated in the Yom Kippur War. Despite Israel’s miraculous victory, Meir was blamed by many for not properly preparing the country for war.

Still, many other people saw her as Israel’s loving grandmother who used her position and her talents to care for her country financially and militarily.

Shani Rozanes, a director of the documentary, told Jordan Hoffman, an American freelance film critic, what she hoped the documentary would accomplish.

“People seem to wonder if we are for her or against her. We’re trying more to be with her,” Rozanes said. She is a captivating, charismatic personality. It is hard not to be touched by her humanity. I maybe don’t agree with everything she says. But I understand her upbringing and therefore her conviction.”

“I want the movie to do that, to see the bigger picture of her as a round character, not just a villain or a big Jewish grandmother,” she added.

“Golda” was screened in November at Doc NYC documentary film festival.  The film will be screened at select Jewish film festivals across the U.S. before its release to the public.

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