Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair tweeted an “interesting fact that everyone should know” on Wednesday saying that Gantz’s party “Blue and White and (former Defense Minister) Liberman are planning on establishing a coalition with the Joint Arab Party next week. The list includes the Israeli branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Explaining its meaning in Arabic, Netanyahu added: “Do you know how the Palestinians call the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ ?…The Hamas Movement!” finishing the tweet with a fictitious “good luck to all of us”.

In another tweet Netanyahu explained that: “The Muslim Brotherhood has been made illegal in just about every country surrounding us including: Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc…Only here are they considered legitimate Parliament members.”

In typical sarcastic fashion, Yair “thanked” the Justice system saying: “Thank you to the ruling class of judges, even though the basic law clearly disqualifies them”

The tweet was sent on the same day that Arab MK Ahmad Tibi (also a member of the Joint List) accused Prime  Minister Netanyahu of assassinating Islamic Jihad leader Abu al-Ata  to “save himself from legal prosecution calling the prime minister a “liar“.

The Prime Minister responded saying: “They sanctify the terrorists’ war crimes! This is a great injustice against IDF soldiers and commanders, who spare no effort to minimize civilian casualties. [Gaza] terrorists hide among civilians—that is a war crime. Nothing said in this hall will change that fact,”

Source: Israel in the News