Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Pence for US President Donald Trump’s official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem on Monday.

“Mr. Vice President, I’ve had the privilege over the years of standing here with hundreds of world leaders and welcome them, all of them to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem,” Netanyahu told Pence. “This is the first time that I’m standing when both leaders can say those three words, “Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.””

US Vice President Mike Pence was welcomed at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem on Monday morning in a ceremony with an honor guard and a very warm greeting from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Pence and Netanyahu first conducted a meeting privately and then held an expanded meeting with their entourages.

Netanyahu also told Pence that he looked forward to discussing with him “how to further strengthen our remarkable alliance…and how to advance peace and security in our region, which is our common aim.”

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Upon US Vice President Mike Pence’s arrival in Israel on Sunday evening for a two-day visit, Netanyahu had said that he was looking forward to greeting Pence “with warmth and pride,” considering him to be “a great friend of Israel.

“I will discuss two issues with him: Peace and security,” said Netanyahu on Sunday evening.

“On peace, I have a message for (Palestinian Authority Chairman) Abu Mazen,” he continued.  “There is no alternative for American leadership in the diplomatic process. Whoever is not ready to talk with the Americans about peace – does not want peace.”

When touching upon security, Netanyahu addressed Europe regarding the Iran nuclear agreement.

“I suggest that they take President Trump’s words seriously,” he remarked. “If they want to preserve the nuclear agreement with Iran, they must propose amendments to the agreement that will prevent Iran from going nuclear, which threatens them and the entire world.”

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