Earlier this evening, the State’s Attorney submitted a request on behalf of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benjamin Netanyahu to the High Court of Justice, to delay the hearing of Regavim’s petition against the government’s failure to evacuate the illegal outpost known as Khan al Ahmar. If the High Court grants this latest request, the hearing, scheduled for early December 2019, will be postponed until March 2020.

Regavim objects to this proposed delay. “This is the sixth petition we have submitted in the matter of Khan al Ahmar,” said Meir Deutsch, Director General of Regavim. “In 2009, the State of Israel was required to clear the compound. We believe that further procrastination eviscerates the High Court’s judgement (handed down after the fourth round of hearings), is an affront to the stature of the court, and harms the national interest. “

Source: Israel in the News