Netanyahu ‘not impressed by Nasrallah’s bunker threats’

Netanyahu ‘not impressed by Nasrallah’s bunker threats’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on Sunday to threats made a day earlier by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah.

“We are not impressed by Nasrallah’s bunker threats. On the day of the test, he will find us standing shoulder to shoulder, it is not worth it for him to test us,” Netanyahu said, speaking at the opening of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

In a speech in Beirut on Saturday, Nasrallah mentioned a security summit Netanyahu was scheduled to hold on Sunday with top military officials, accused the Jewish state of occupying Lebanese territory and called for its destruction.

“They say that the Israeli prime minister will meet with his generals tomorrow,” he said. “I tell them: Hezbollah in Lebanon will not hesitate and will be ready for any development or stupidity on their part.”

Nasrallah continued: “The Zionist entity is the source of evil and a cancerous growth in our region. Our region will not calm down until this cancerous growth and this germ of corruption is removed. We in Hezbollah stand by the resistance of the Palestinian people.”

Netanyahu was scheduled to hold a high-level security summit on Sunday to discuss the growing threat from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and senior Israel Defense Forces officials were to brief the premier on the escalating situation over recent months in a meeting that was delayed a week due to Netanyahu’s hospitalization on July 22.

Meanwhile, according to Israeli media reports, the IDF is bolstering its forces in the North in preparation for possible provocations by the Iran-backed terror group, which in April established an outpost on the Israeli side of the demarcation line. Part of the outpost was removed earlier this month, and Nasrallah has threatened confrontation if Israel attempts to dismantle the rest.

IDF brass were expected to tell Netanyahu that there is an increasing danger of escalation in the north but that the assessment is that Hezbollah is not interested in a broader war.

Nasrallah, according to the IDF, sees Israel’s internal divisions as a “historic weakness.”

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